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Our ethos is primarily to nurture the young people we teach, treating them all as individuals and providing them with a safe and happy environment in which to learn.
Each dancer has their own personal potential and by inspiring a love of dance and joy of movement through weekly classes and performance opportunities, we see them gain confidence and build friendships and lasting memories.


Rose Pink ABD Leotard (girls upto grade 4)
Indigo ABD Leotard (girls grade 5 and over)
Indigo ABD Biketard (boys)
Pink ballet tights or black leggings
Rose ABD chiffon skirt for ballet (girls up to grade 4)
Black ABD chiffon skirt for ballet (girls grade 5 and over)
Pink satin ballet shoes with elastics/ribbons
Black tap shoes with heel and toe taps
Black jazz shoes


Leotards, skirts, biketards, tights, leggings and jazz trousers available from 

Shoes available locally from:

Boo Boos, 40 Fleckney Road, Kibworth, LE8 0HE
Voyles, 5/7 Canal Street, South Wigston, LE18 4PL


Q.Where are the classes held?
A. See class schedule

Q.What times are the classes held?
A.See class schedule

Q.What should a new dancer wear?
A.To begin with, easy to move in clothes e.g.leggings, shorts, T. shirt, bare feet or pumps are ideal

Q.Do you have a uniform?
A.Yes, see uniform page for details and stockists

Q.When does a new dancer get the uniform?
A.When they are settled and at their parents convenience

Q.Can parents watch classes?
A.Yes, we encourage parents to observe the first class to ensure they are happy with everything and that their child is settled

Q.Do you offer examination work?
A.Yes, we work with ABD (Associated Board of Dance) offering exams and medal tests twice yearly

Q.Do you offer performance opportunities?
A.Yes, we have our Senior variety dance show at the end of the Autumn term, our charity showcase in February and our Junior variety dance show at the end of the Spring term each year. All members of the school have the opportunity to take part in at least one of these events

Q.Are there any registration fees?

Q.How are classes charged?
A.In general, on a as attended basis. No charges made for classes unattended 

Q.Do you offer a free taster session?

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